How to Start a Profitable Restaurant Business in Nigeria.

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

Here is a quick guide on how you can start a restaurant business in Nigeria and earn passive income everyday. Continue reading to see more informations below;

The restaurant business in Nigeria is one of the fast-growing businesses by the day as the demand for already made food has increased by the day. Nigeria is fast growing into an economy where people hardly have enough time to prepare their daily meals as they need to meet up the hustle structure of the fast declining economy.

How to Start Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Below is a list of guidelines to follow when thinking about the Restaurant business;

1. Business Plan

These days, most people do not take these into consideration. But, believe me, writing a business plan for your business will help a lot. This will definitely help you to stay on budget.

2. Know your Target Audience

This is essential in setting up just a business, not just a restaurant business. You have to know the kind of people you are making these delicacies for. What their believes are, etc. this helps you in the next step in opening a restaurant business in Nigeria.

3. Determine the Type of Restaurant You Want to Start

Some of you may not know that there are different types of restaurants. But, yes, there are various types of restaurants, they include

The fast food restaurant- this is mainly for students and office workers, they serve teas, fast food, and quick foods and snacks.
Fine dining restaurant- this type of restaurant targets the rich and fabulous. Continental dishes are the order of the day here.
Casual dining restaurant-this kind is for casual family outings, friends sitting out to take a chill, and passer-byes who just want to sit and relax.
Local restaurant- here it is mainly local dishes. And this kind of restaurant sells more when thinking about opening a restaurant business in Nigeria.

4. Choose a Good Location

One might think how does this matter? Hello! You really don’t want to set up a restaurant where you make only continental dishes in an inaccessible location where all your neighbors are happy with the local food they eat and have a great distaste for non-Nigerian dishes. Also, you have to take the following into consideration when choosing a location for your new restaurant business;-

You have to choose if you are buying land to build your own restaurant, or  you want to rent an already existing building.

Other Necessary Things to Do

  • Employ the needed help
    Obtain legal documents and a license
    Equip the restaurant to your taste.
    Make a grand opening
    Marketing | Advertise Your Business | Take your business online  | Radio Adverts

These days’ products and services sell more online than they do offline. Package your products well, make a video about them, crate pages to advertise what you do, if possible share a pinch of your recipes to viewers. This way you are marketing not just yourself, but you are gradually growing your business brand.

You can as well pay for radio advertisements or TV adverts.

Have a good marketing plan- this is essential for the growth of your business.


In conclusion, you have to know how to cook tasty and good-looking dishes as this attracts clients too. This is key in opening a restaurant business in Nigeria. It pays nothing to put up all the work and then not serve your customers with tasty and good food. If it gets tedious along the line, you can employ good caterers. This will help increase the income coming into the restaurant.

Also, you need to have a good ability, knowledge, and technique of food packaging.

NOTE: A clean workplace is also the key- a dirty workplace repels customers. Keep your restaurant clean always!

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