Israel Tells Gaza residents to Flee or Face a ‘Deserted Island’ Scenario

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a chilling warning to the people of Gaza: “leave now” or face the consequences. He said that Israel will turn Gaza into a “deserted island” if Hamas does not stop its attacks.

But for many Gazans, leaving is not an option. Gaza is under a strict blockade by Israel, which controls its land, sea and air borders. Only a few people can cross the border with Israel or Egypt, and only for specific reasons approved by Israel. Israel also monitors Gaza’s communications and restricts its access to resources.

Gaza is home to more than two million people, most of whom are refugees or their descendants who lost their homes in what is now Israel during the 1948 war. They live in one of the most crowded places on earth, with an average of 5,479 people per square kilometer.

Gaza has been suffering from a humanitarian crisis for years, due to the blockade and the repeated wars with Israel. Its infrastructure and public services are in shambles, and its people face severe shortages of electricity, water, fuel, medicine and food. Human rights groups have called Gaza an “open-air prison” and accused Israel of violating international law by imposing collective punishment on its population.

The United Nations has warned that Gaza could become “uninhabitable” by 2020 if the current situation continues. But with no end in sight to the conflict and no safe way out, many Gazans have to endure the Israeli bombardment and hope for survival.

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