Advantages Of Buying a Used Car Over a New One

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

Purchasing a car is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. When you make the decision to buy new or used, the overarching question is: should I buy it new or used? Aside from the price, which is a deciding factor in the purchase of a used car, other factors must be considered while making your decision!

1. The price of a used car is very advantageous

This is THE strong point of a used car, and that’s normal! Buying a used car will always cost you less than a new one because almost no car in the world gains in value when it leaves the factory! On the contrary, a car, as soon as it is produced, gradually loses value. It will be sold with a small discount in most cases, or at a reduced price if it is a show car, a demonstration vehicle or an agent vehicle.

As soon as it’s bought and rolled, it typically loses about 20% of its value from its list price. This price is reduced over time and we are witnessing losses of value which can go up to 50% in 3 years (often on niche cars or cars with a high circulation). It is therefore a godsend if you are a buyer and want to acquire a recent used car!

You will have choices and you can buy the car you want for an average amount between 20% and 60% below its new value. Negotiation when buying is further facilitated by the fact that a used car usually has some imperfections, which a new car does not. It is one more possibility to buy at the best price!

When buying a car, you have the possibility to choose between several model lines, but also several finishes. When you have a very simple need or a limited budget, you often have to settle for an inferior finish.

This is especially true for new cars, which charge a premium for these variances in equipment! Extras and packs are pricey when new, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between the car we desire and the one we can afford once the options are included. Some manufacturers take customization to extremes, and it is not uncommon to find certain vehicles with extremely long and pricey option lists! (In some cases, multiple tens of thousands of euros on top of the base price).

Buying used is thus an opportunity to purchase the same car, certainly not brand new, but more recently and better equipped: larger engine, automatic transmission, finish, or better option pack. things are becoming more accessible over time. The prices of the options quickly dwindle and become increasingly harder to justify over time. Car obsolescence is no stranger to it either!

2. You can buy the car of your dreams!

When we talk about the car of our dreams, we are not necessarily talking about a Ferrari or a Porsche! We are also talking about simpler cars, which were not within our reach when they came out! Too expensive or not sufficiently adapted to our needs at the time, or no longer existing in the configuration we want at present, they are now within our reach.

The examples are numerous, for example, the old Mercedes Class A, these nice mini-minivans which no longer exist today, replaced by the attractive new Class A which is an assertive and sporty compact. This is also the case with cars such as convertibles or coupes, whose odds can quickly stabilize at fairly low levels, just like large luxury sedans which sometimes lose a large part of their value at breakneck speed!

For used cars, this problem does not exist. When you see a car and you like it, you can buy it in a short period: a few days are sufficient in most cases, buying and selling between individuals being very quick, even more than l purchase from a professional, who will prepare the car before delivering it to you.

3. We are less afraid of scratching it!

When you buy a new car, you always want it to stay that way for as long as possible! And when you use your car a lot or live in an urban area, it is, unfortunately, difficult to keep it intact for a long time. In addition, having your car damaged is extremely annoying because of the difficulty in declaring a claim. This will inevitably generate additional costs that we are not always inclined to pay. The anxiety of a new car does indeed exist!

When you buy a used car, the advantage is that the car has already lived and that it is no longer in its new condition. Even if it is in excellent condition, there will always be some marks of time, even tiny. At least the feeling of stress about keeping your car in good condition can be reduced a bit! We are not saying that a used car has the right to be martyred, but let’s say that a small bump may be less serious, but it remains a matter of appreciation! And repair costs can go down over time. Don’t forget to take good care of your car every day!

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