Top 9 Natural Remedies for Boosting Hair Growth

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

Discover the best and most effective methods for naturally growing your hair without breaking the bank. The process is straightforward and budget-friendly.

Today, I aim to share some natural practices to enhance hair growth. Explore the top 9 natural remedies below:

Top 9 Natural Remedies for Boosting Hair Growth

  1. Scalp Massage for Stimulation: Engage in a scalp massage using quality hair oil. This not only relaxes the mind but also promotes circulation, fostering faster hair growth.
  2. Cool Water Rinse: Strengthen your hair by rinsing it with cool water. This helps fortify the hair, contributing to accelerated growth.
  3. Utilize Castor Oil: Take advantage of castor oil’s anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, combating scalp infections that hinder hair growth. Apply castor oil to expedite the natural growth process. Additionally, the oil’s omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, and nutrients hydrate strands, sealing the hair shaft to retain moisture.
  4. Quit Smoking for Natural Growth: If you aspire to grow your hair naturally, it’s recommended to quit smoking. Smoking restricts blood flow to the scalp and follicles, depriving your hair of vital oxygen and nutrients necessary for health.
  5. Avoid Over-Shampooing: Over-shampooing can lead to broken, dry, and brittle locks by stripping the hair of its intrinsic oils. Limit shampooing to promote faster, natural hair growth.
  6. Silk Pillowcase for Gentle Sleeping: Opt for a silk pillowcase to prevent hair from tangling during sleep. This reduces friction and provides a softer surface for your hair.
  7. Keratin-Based Products: Incorporate keratin-based products rich in protein to fight dryness, enhance hair appearance, strengthen strands, and prevent future breakage.
  8. Ginseng Oil Massage: Grow your hair naturally by massaging your scalp with ginseng oil. Gently apply the oil to stimulate growth.
  9. Nutrient-Rich Diet: Consume foods like meat, soybeans, beans, shrimp, oysters, nuts, avocados, berries, sweet potatoes, salmon, spinach, and eggs. These foods are packed with essential nutrients—proteins, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc, and essential fatty acids—required for stimulating hair growth.


Other than the ways we’ve mentioned above that you can use to boost your hair growth. There are many other ways such as “The use of antioxidant”, “Taking of hair growth supplements”, “wearing of protecting hairstyle” and “getting of regular hair trims”, amongst other amazing methods.

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