How to Make Money as an Undergraduate in Nigeria in 2023.

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

If you are an undergraduate student in Nigeria looking for ways to earn extra income, here is an opportunity for you to learn various methods to make your first one million naira while pursuing your degree.

Yes, you heard me right!

Being an undergraduate in a Nigerian university is a demanding task, requiring multitasking to meet certain financial demands.

Below are five ways you can make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria.

How to Make Money as an Undergraduate in Nigeria

  1. Private Tutoring and Freelance Writing:
    • Utilize your knowledge in both arts and science subjects to offer private tutoring to kids. Parents often appreciate undergraduates teaching their children, exposing them to what they are expected to learn.
    • Organize classes for junior colleagues and peers, helping you refresh your own knowledge.
    • Engage in freelance writing for blogs and websites, requiring basic technical knowledge and proper training.
  2. Online Registration and Business Center:
    • Start an online registration and business center with minimal capital. This remote business allows you to fulfill client demands without direct contact.
    • Provide services such as printing handouts and materials given by lecturers.
    • Requirements include a laptop, generator, photocopying and printing machines, stapler, and perforator.
  3. Assignments and School Runs for Fellow Students:
    • Assist fellow students with assignments, classwork, or other academic tasks for a fee.
    • This requires technical knowledge to find solutions to problems and is a cost-effective way to make money.
  4. Baking and Small Chops Business:
    • Invest a small capital in a baking and small chops business, which requires less time and yields more income.
    • Popular items include chin-chin, buns, egg rolls, and other snacks that can be supplied to students during and after lectures.
  5. Selling Recharge Cards and POS Business:
    • Engage in the lucrative business of selling recharge cards, a quick and capital-efficient venture.
    • Start a POS business to provide withdrawal services to students who may not have access to nearby banks.

List of Items for Starting POS Business

  • POS machine
  • Printing paper
  • Money

In conclusion, these ways to make money as an undergraduate in Nigeria can be highly effective with consistency. Remember, consistency is key.

Happy earning!

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