How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria with Little Capital.

When it comes to how to start poultry farming in Nigeria with little capital, a lot comes of thought may run into your mind. Ranging from the type of bird one wants to keep to the availability of the market. Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative and profitable agro businesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector.

So. here today, we will be enlightening you on how you can start this poultry farming business with just a little amount of money.

Things to Consider When Starting a Poultry Farm

  1. The type of bird
  2. The location for the poultry farm
  3. The building or construction of a poultry house
  4. The cost and availability of feed and medication for the birds to enhance growth
  5. The availability of the market or the demand rate of the kind of bird.

To get maximum interest from poultry farming, it is of utmost importance to always put these listed points into consideration. Hence, it is very possible to start poultry farming with little capital and end up with a reasonable amount of interest.

Items Needed to Start Poultry Farming

  • The bird. It can be layers, broiler or any other of choice
    A drinker
    Lantern or electricity
    The feed
    Food cans
    Slippers just for the poultry farm to prevent infection. One way one can easily get the birds infected without knowing is by using the conventional slippers used for daily activities to enter the poultry house. So it is advisable to always keep one special slipper for use just when about to enter the poultry house to feed them or attain to them.

These items are cheap and can be locally sourced. It is advisable to start with broilers as the choice of birds to rear especially for beginners as it matures within a period of 6 weeks, and the demand for it is usually on the high side regardless of the environment as people use meat daily. Hence, a poultry farmer will not have any challenge in sales.

People that Can Venture into Poultry Farming

  • For starters or people going into business for the first time,
    people who already have an existing business,
    people who want to expand their business line etc.
    The truth is literally anybody can go into this business. It can be a side hustle or a main business.

How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria with Little Capital

If you are not that financially buoyant. Here is what you need to;

Buy small quantity of birds. At least 50 birds and get the necessary items required at low quantities.  It’s important that you get the Drinkers, Lanterns, and food cans.

You can then buy the feeds and sawdust in low quantity.

NOTE: Make sure you have a good water supply system close by.

Alternative Ways of Generating Money in Poultry Farming

There are many strategic ways you can use in making extra streams of money from your poultry farming business. But let’s look at the ORGANIC FERTILIZER aspect of it.

The droppings of the bird also known as organic fertilizers also generate some income for the farmer as it is used in crops to enhance their growth.

Poultry farming in Nigeria can generate high returns if one knows the right way to run it. it requires a lot of attention from the farmer to the birds as he must always be observant of their behavior, if the birds are pooping well, nature, look and texture of their poop, the way they respond to weather changes, and many other things.

It takes a very short time to recover money spent all depending on the type of bird reared and the attention the farmer gave to them as this also has a way of enhancing their growth. Not taking appropriate care of your birds can lead to incessant death, diseases, infection, low yield and growth, delay in the growth process, excessive cost, etc.

For instance, one goes into poultry farming and rears broilers without any poor knowledge or guidance from an experienced individual or a vert. he might not know how to brood the birds in the early stage.

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