IPOB Bans Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebration in South-East

IPOB Bans Nigeria's Independence Day Celebration in South-East
Written by Benjamin Adewumi

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared a ban on the celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day in the South-East region. In a statement released by the group’s Director of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, IPOB emphasized that the past 63 years of Nigeria’s independence had shown that the South-East was not considered a part of the nation.

IPOB’s statement stated, “Every sensible Biafra citizen must understand that Nigeria detests Biafrans, particularly Ndigbo. Nigeria has rejected all our efforts to be treated as equal citizens. Nigeria has marginalized Biafrans politically and economically. Since Nigeria has rejected us, we have also rejected Nigeria and her celebrations.”

The group called on the governors and political leaders in the region to avoid participating in the October 1st Independence Day celebration, warning that anyone seen celebrating the event in Biafraland would regret their actions. IPOB stated that Nigeria had failed to provide essential amenities like electricity, security, and good roads for its citizens, emphasizing the need for the people of Biafra to liberate themselves from the perceived oppression of Nigeria.

IPOB firmly maintained its stance against the celebration, urging Biafrans to refrain from attending any Independence Day event within or outside Biafraland. The group emphasized that it would continue its pursuit of Biafra’s independence through diplomatic engagements and a referendum, regardless of the challenges faced.

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