Ayra Starr Reveals the Inspiration Behind Her Stage Name

Written by Keji Evelyn

Nigerian singer, Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, better known by her stage name, Ayra Starr, has opened up about the inspiration behind her unique moniker. In a special Christmas interview with Arise TV, the Mavin Records artiste shared that her stage name was a collaborative idea between her and her record label boss, Don Jazzy.

Before signing to Mavin Records, the singer was known as “Oyin,” a nickname derived from her first name, Oyinkansola. However, the transition to Mavin Records brought about a change in her stage name. Ayra Starr explained that she coined the name “Ayra” from the Yoruba name “Ira,” wanting people to pronounce it as ‘Aira.’

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“I was thinking about it and something just told me to go ‘A Y R A.’ And when I did, everything just came together: The meaning of the name, it felt like God was speaking to me,” she said.

The suffix “Starr” was added by Don Jazzy, completing the transformation from Oyinkansola to Ayra Starr. The name “Ayra” signifies being ‘woke and open-minded,’ a trait that the singer aspires to embody.

Ayra Starr’s revelation provides an insightful look into the thought process behind her stage name, reflecting her personal aspirations and the collaborative relationship with her record label.

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