My Ex-wife Caused me to Lose Properties and Access to Kids – Emeka Ike

Written by Keji Evelyn

Emeka Ike, a renowned Nollywood actor, has publicly shared the personal and financial impact of his divorce from Suzanne Emma. He alleges that her accusations led to significant property loss and restricted access to their children.

In 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved the couple’s 14-year-old marriage due to allegations of incessant battery. Emma had initiated the proceedings on July 13, 2015. The marriage had produced four children.

Ike recently appeared on the Channels Television programme Rubbin’ Minds, hosted by Hero Daniels, where he claimed that his ex-wife’s assault allegations resulted in the loss of properties worth millions of naira.

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The actor explained that he refrained from publicly addressing the domestic violence allegations due to the online bullying he experienced. “I didn’t come on the internet space to clarify the allegations against me because it’s difficult to clarify because the same people that were bullying me on the internet, they were still there,” Ike said.

He further revealed that the allegations led to the closure of his secondary school, St. Nicholas College, located on CMD road, Magodo, resulting in the loss of an investment exceeding N480 million.

Ike expressed his confusion over the allegations, stating, “I was like, ‘I don’t beat this lady. What’s going on? Babe, what’s going on? They said I beat you, do I?’” He claimed that his ex-wife denied the allegations privately, attributing them to his celebrity status and potential manipulation.

The actor also shared his belief that his ex-wife was the driving force behind the allegations and subsequent legal proceedings. He warned young men about women who might not be suited for marriage, reflecting on a comment from his ex-wife that he was not the “marriage type.”

Despite sponsoring his ex-wife’s higher education, Ike felt that his love was not reciprocated. He recounted how he and his family members pleaded with Emma not to proceed with the divorce, but she remained adamant.

Ike concluded by expressing his belief that his ex-wife was blackmailed into divorcing him by “gunmen” with whom she was involved.

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