Some Nigerians Don’t Want the Country to Get Better, Says Laycon

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

Laycon, who emerged as the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5, has voiced his concern over the patriotism of some opposition party supporters in Nigeria. He said that these people seem to be wishing and hoping for the country to not get better because their preferred candidates lost in the presidential election that was held on February 25.

Laycon asked why such people would not want their country to prosper because of political differences. He shared his thoughts on his X handle, writing, “Abeg wait o… so there are people (Nigerians, living in Nigeria) actively hoping and praying for things not to get better in this country because their preferred candidate isn’t the current President? To what end?”

His post received negative feedback, with many people calling him out for being insensitive and clueless about the hardships that Nigerians are enduring under the current regime. Some said that it was not the “prayers and wishes” of opposition party supporters that resulted in the current economic crisis in the country. Some also advised him to stick to his music career and avoid politics.

Laycon replied to the criticism by saying that he was misquoted, stressing that the Nigerian leaders are a reflection of the Nigerian people. He wrote, “I have always stood on the opinion that our leaders are a reflection of who we are as individuals. And as long as we as individuals don’t change, we’ll continue to experience what we give out. Living with the notion that disagreement means hostility and bad intention is wrong.”

He also stated that he believes that bad people become bad leaders, not the other way around. He mentioned examples of common people who cheat common people and wondered what they would do if they become leaders. He also challenged his critics to apply their power of criticism on themselves once in a while.

Laycon’s tweets have ignited a heated debate on social media, with some backing him and others opposing him. Some applauded him for speaking his mind and being patriotic, while others slammed him for being biased and hypocritical. Some also advised him to concentrate on his music career and steer clear of politics.

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