BBNaija winner Phyna abandons parents, elopes with N100 million prize money

Written by Benjamin Adewumi

Phyna, the winner of the 2022 BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition, has been accused of abandoning her parents and eloping with her N100 million prize money.

The reality TV star, who emerged victorious in the popular show last year, has not returned home or contacted her parents since then, according to her father, Mr Felix Otabor.

Otabor, a 68-year-old ambulance car driver, told our reporter that he and his wife were overjoyed when their daughter won the show, thinking that their suffering had come to an end. But they were shocked when Phyna disappeared into thin air as soon as she received her prize money.

He said Phyna asked him to sell all his four cars and stop being a hearse driver, promising to change his life. But he regretted that he followed her advice, as he was left with nothing and no means of livelihood.

He said he sold his cars as scraps and used the proceeds to renovate his house, hoping for better days ahead. But he never heard from Phyna again.

He said Phyna neither calls nor answers their calls, and he only sees her on social media, flaunting her wealth and luxury.

He said he was not bothered about the money, but about the welfare of his daughter and the bond of family.

He said he did not know why Phyna was snubbing them, or where she was staying. He said he had tried to reach out to her through her friends and relatives, but to no avail.

He said he needed help, as he was suffering in silence. He said he was looking for someone who could give him a car on hire purchase, so that he could resume his business.

He said he had four children, and Phyna was his first child. He said he expected her to take care of him and his wife in their old age, but she had disappointed them.

He appealed to Phyna to have a change of heart and return to her family. He said he loved her and forgave her for whatever she had done wrong.

He also urged the public to help him locate his daughter and persuade her to reconcile with her parents.

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